Anfer and Gilif are two immortal beings whose eternal mission is to find wielders for each and every Surge, to prevent Isen's cyclical destruction.

When either dies, they are immediately reanimated at the Wellspring of Harrig, with a new body forged by Raw Magic and granted to them by Isen itself. The type of body chosen is not a conscious decision, but the result of a strong internal desire combined with the knowledge of the currently dominant species on the planet.

The Beginning Edit

Anfer and Gilif began as simple balls of energy, but over millions of years, have taken various forms, usually mimicking the current dominant species on the planet at the time, from dragons, to elves, to humans, and everything in between.

For the first million years or so, they worked together toward the shared goal of saving the planet for civilisation's sake. Over time,however, the two grew apart in their ideologies, with Gilif beginning to crave the Surge's power for itself, and thus manipulating wielders to further its own goals.

Religion Edit

In 7,000 BC (Before Cataclysm) a religion called The Trilogy was founded, when Gilif manipulated an order of priests into turning their back on their deity, Palarra. These priests formed the church of Gilif, which, through its teachings and literature, eventually splintered into the churches of Gilif, Anfer, and the Krova. Krova was a name given to the Surge itself.

Anfer was often referred to as The Good Lady, The Lady of Light, and The Lady of Compassion. She was viewed as a saviour of sorts, and people often prayed to her when they required help with crops, missing children, or mortal wounds.

Gilif was often referred to as The Dark Lady, The Lady of Pain, and The Lady of Conquest. She was viewed as a demonic force of evil by some, and her followers were typically those seeking power or the destruction of their enemies.

The Surge was often referred to as Krova the Essence, and Krova the Decider. Krova's followers viewed the deity as an inevitable force of nature, that determined the fate of every person on Isen.

Modern Day Edit

At present (the year 1600 AC) the world is human-dominated, after the other non-human civilisations (elves, dwarves, orcs, etc) were nearly wiped out during the last cataclysm. As such, Anfer and Gilif have taken the forms of humans; both appear as women of roughly middle age.

Anfer travels the world in simple garb, helping innocents and hunting for wielders as she goes.

Gilif typically assumes a new identity every century or so, and is currently masquerading as the Empress of Arkvale.

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