Belas was a kingdom on the main continent of Isen, until it was conquered by the Arkvale Empire at the year 1579 AC.

It is the northern-most kingdom of Isen's main continent, with its capital city, Port Belas, being located at the tip of a peninsular reaching far into the northern sea.  

Belas is separated from its southern neighbours, Farryane and Skirrik, by a mountain range known as the Thousand Fingers. The kingdom itself is split into an eastern and a western half, by a river called the Great Northern Waterway, often referred to by locals as the Greatway. 

There is a rare delicacy called Jackfruit, that is only grown on the northern coast of Belas' western half. It is a strange, misshapen purple fruit that looks like jelly, but is solid to the touch. It gives off an initial very strong taste of banana, which is immediately followed by that of cooked meat. 

Port Belas (Belas' Capital) Edit

Port Belas is located at the tip of the the Belas Peninsula, the northern-most point of Isen's main continent.

Darjinn Edit

Darjinn is a large city in Belas' eastern half, situated near the Greatway.

It has a deep criminal underworld, mostly linked to gambling and illegal pit fighting.

Before Arkvale's conquest, Darjinn was governed by a wealthy merchant named Reed Wilmyne. Mr. Wilmyne was deposed and replaced by one of Arkvale's celebrated military captains, Kass Bol'Enia.

Noteworthy Characters from Belas Edit

  • Banffor Watt, a human barbarian who was has lived a life of transience and torture
  • Reed Wilmyne, a wealthy merchant and the former governor of the city of Darjinn
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