Caidron Fausst is a human wizard of the universalist school.

He was born in Mept, the capital city of Pinebridge, and was orphaned at a young age. Caidron was taken in by a traveling merchant called Rille, and spent most of his childhood going with the wagon train all across Isen's main continent.

It was clear that young Caidron had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, reading every book he could find, and constantly pestering everyone around him with incessant questions.

When Caidron was 13, the merchant ended up buying an old spell book, and within a few months, Caidron was casting simple cantrips almost effortlessly.

The merchant knew that Caidron's new interest in magic was a surefire recipe for disaster, and so took Caidron to see an old wizard friend of his back in Mept, where he had first found the boy. The wizard, Gurin Rance, accepted Caidron as his apprentice, and began training him immediately.

At age 22, Caidron felt he was ready to set out and expand his knowledge and power, so he bid farewell to the Gurin, and headed south to Ballentia.

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