The Gigantic Adventures of Jeff and Simon is a family-friendly RPG podcast, that uses the Suited RPG system by Escape Box Games.

It is the story about a Mouse named Jeffaray Mont Clair e (played by Oliver Scripps) and a Pigeon named Simon Quail (played by Julz Burgisser).

Jeff and Simon were first introduced in Chapter 2 of the Fate of Isen podcast, and got their own spinoff show, highlighting their adventures after they get transported to a strange new realm.

Characters Edit

Jeffaray Mont Clair e - an arrogant, swashbuckling, adventurous mouse (played by Oliver Scripps)

Simon Quail - a friendly, compassionate, but gullible pigeon (played by Julz Burgisser)

Dr. Carol Young - an Otter who is a trained therapist with a penchant for wagers (played by Robert Baldino)

Podcast Episodes Edit

Episode 01 - A Strange New Realm Edit

Episode 02 - Prickleton Edit


Episode 03 - Farrator's Lab Edit

Episode 04 - Carol's on a Hot Streak Edit

Episode 05 - A Bad Day for Carol Edit

Episode 06 - What Does All This Mean? Edit

Episode 07 - Thorndale Under Attack! Edit

Episode 08 - We Bearly Made It Edit

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