Dorekis was a kingdom on the main continent of Isen, until it was conquered by the Arkvale Empire in the year 1563 AC.

It is located in the east of Isen's main continent, south of the old Arkvale kingdom, and Pinebridge. Its capital city, Merton, is on the eastern coast .  

Much of Dorekis' landmass is taken up by the Dorekis Desert, which is said to be the home of nomad tribes and lost ancient secrets. Its mysterious allure draws adventurers and treasure hunters from all over the world. 

A major export of Dorekis is alpacas and the wool they provide, which is a very common clothing material in Isen. 

Merton (Dorekis' Capital) Edit

Merton is located on the eastern coast of Dorekis, directly south of the Dorekis Desert.

Dorekis Desert Edit

The Dorekis Desert is extremely large and it is said to be only partially explored. Every year, thousands of thrill-seekers and treasure hunters venture into the desert hoping to make a grand discovery.

A rare race of humanoid tortoise-people known as Tortles, hail from an oasis located somewhere deep within the desert's harsh terrain.

Noteworthy Characters from Dorekis Edit

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