Tajna is the Empress of the Arkvale Empire.

Arkvale was once a small, peaceful kingdom, but in 1541 AC, Tajna appeared in the kingdom as a beggar, seeking an audience with King Albrecht. Within days of this audience, and under undeniably mysterious circumstances, King Albrecht and his entire extended family were dead and Tajna was raised as Queen.

The former king's high council have no recollection of how or why Tajna - being no more than a foreign beggar - was even considered to sit atop the Arkvale throne, but they all felt compelled to support her in doing so.

During her first few months as Queen, Tajna sent envoys to all the other rulers of Isen, informing them of her intentions to take their kingdoms by force.

By early 1542 AC, Arkvale had conquered its nearest neighbouring kingdoms, Dorekis and Eastmeadow.

Many people on Isen believe that Tajna is an Elf, trying to forge a new world for Elves to return to greatness. Others believe she is an unstoppable goddess of destruction punishing humankind for some unknown mistake.

Very few have ever known her true identity.

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