Farryane was a kingdom on the main continent of Isen, until it was conquered by the Arkvale Empire in 1593 AC.

It is one of the three territories bordering the Omega Lake, the largest inland body of water on Isen. 

Farryane's most noteworthy landmark is The Eternal Forest; a gigantic section of forest that takes up almost half of the kingdom's entire landmass.  

Farryites tend to worship nature and life, and as such are generally considered members of the Kashtari faith.  

The kingdom was ruled by a high elf man named Greenlord Parillis Toriarn, until he was killed during Arkvale's conquest in 1593 AC.  

Harmonia (Farryane's Capital) Edit

Harmonia is the capital of Farryane and the seat of former ruler, Parillis Toriarn.

The city sits on the outskirts of The Eternal Forest, bleeds out from it, giving the effect of being an extension of nature.

The architecture in the oldest parts of the city favour greenery and natural spaces, with as little man-made interference as possible. The further from the forest the city goes, however, the more manufactured and artificial the surroundings become.

Although there are very few elves remaining in Isen after the last Surge Cataclysm, Harmonia boasts the largest elf population by far, with many considering the city to be the elven holy land.

Harmonia is the only true city in the kingdom, with only towns and villages spread out throughout the rest of it.

The Eternal Forest Edit

The Eternal Forest is a gigantic forest taking up the southern half of Farryane. It is said to be ancient, which means it somehow survived the previous Surge, and maybe those before it also.

The forest has a supernatural form of self-protection, which could explain how it has survived for as long as it has. All humanoids who enter are plagued by an overwhelming urge to leave which, if ignored, results in extreme nausea, unease, and eventually death. Full-blooded elves appear to be slightly more resilient to the forest's defences.

In the centre of the forest, there is a tree called The Sleeping Giant that towers over all the others, and can be seen from a great distance. Many believe it to be the source of all life on Isen.

At the foot of The Sleeping Giant, there is a pond which is said to be the most peaceful place in the world, although very few have ever made it that deep before being forced to leave.

Noteworthy Characters from Farryane Edit

  • Helera Nightblossom, a high elf thief, and former noble daughter
  • Akjanicus, an ancient elf who was imprisoned by a witch, to live in eternal torture.
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