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Isen is a fantasy world, and as such is home to many strange and wonderful creatures and plantlife.

This article is an incomplete list of the species that are native to Isen.


The Horg is a hybrid horse-pig creature that was created in 1532 AC. It became popular in the western kingdoms, before spreading across the entire main continent. 

Horgs are used a beast of burden, and are known to be slower and less graceful than horses, but considerably hardier and easier to take care of. 

Horg meat is popular across the world. It is cheap and similar to a leaner, dryer pork.


The Furbird is a large flightless bird, with fur-like feathers and a round-shaped body.

They have a long sharp beak that they use to root out insects and other small creatures from the forest floor.

Dapton Sewer Weasel[]

The Dapton Sewer weasel is a breed of weasel that lives and breeds in the isolated wet climate of a city's underground sewage system.

Many years ago, they were simply called Sewer Weasels, and were found beneath every major city. In recent times, however, they have been hunted near to extinction and have only been sighted in the town of Dapton (in the Kingdom of Terranis).


The Wetaur is a centaur-like creature with the lower half of an insect with a strong brown-and-orange carapace, and the torso and head of a human.

When Wetaur hatch from their eggs, they take a more humanoid form - known as Wetafolk - which stand up to 4 feet tall and resemble a human-shaped insectoid person. When they come fully of age (approximately 200 years) they enter a cocoon-like phase and emerge as a full Wetaur.


The Shuck is a very rare creature that has not been spotted for many hundreds of years. It is the size and shape of a great white shark, but the exterior is covered in a layer of duck-like feathers, usually in a pattern of brown, green, and grey.

It has

Skiff Weasel[]