Kashtar is the god of Life, Healing, and Growth.

Kasthar has the appearance of an emerald-skinned Elven woman, with long green hair, and green eyes. She wears no clothing, but her body is shrouded in a cluster of vines bursting with brightly-coloured flowers.

She is a favoured deity among healers, midwives, and anyone with an affinity for plants and nature. Many healers carry a holy symbol of Kashtar - a flowering vine - with them at all times. Some believe this grants them some kind of boost in their ability to heal, but most simply consider it a tradition and a display of their faith.

Kashtar is seen by many, especially in forests or other wooded areas. She is known to appear at random, growing from nearby trees or bushes, to bestow blessings upon those she encounters.

Those who have been visited by Kashtar, say she has a friendly and kind demeanour but appears distracted by the wonders around her. When she speaks, she does so at a whisper and without making eye contact, as if she is addressing the natural world, and not the person to whom she is speaking.

The motto of the Kashtari faith is "Forget not the mother of all things."

RPG Information Edit

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Kashtar's Domains are LIFE, LIGHT, and NATURE.

Her holy symbol is a flowering vine. This can be an actual shield, or a depiction (e.g. a tattoo, piece of jewellery, or drawn image).

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