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Killian Rett is a founding member of the United Arkvale Resistance.

He was born and raised in the Holy City of Brune, and grew up with the singular goal of becoming a soldier in the Premier's Holy Legion, the royal army of the Kingdom of Airedale.

After years of intense physical training, he was admitted at age 17, and rose through the ranks quickly, eventually reaching the rank of lieutenant.

However, Killian became disillusioned when the Premier of Airedale refused to send the legion to aide the nearby kingdoms of Cyress and Brus when they were under attack from the ever-expanding Arkvale Empire.

Killian then became disgusted with his position, and discharged himself from service, after the Premier instead ordered the legion to help Arkvale conquering these nations.

After traveling to the Holy City, he set off a chain of events that lead to the formation of the U.A.E. Since then, he has quietly traveled from town to town throughout Airedale, recruiting citizens to the resistance.

He is a ruggedly handsome man in his mid-30's, often seen in a weather-beaten brown leather coat. He has messy brown hair and a stubble beard, bordering on unkempt.