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Lunaris is a city high in the Western Slopes, the mountain range separating the main kingdoms of Isen from the Free Lands to the West.

Due to its location, Lunaris belongs to no kingdom, although many consider it to be the capital of the Free Lands.

Lunaris began as a grand temple to Trittorah, the god of elemental forces, and became the official seat of the Trittoran faith. Before long, a city started to grow around it, including temples to Haydet, Siktaman, Leahmin, and Sorgamuul

It is located west of the Kingdom of Airedale, and has a very active marketplace, fueled by merchants who make the treacherous journey up the mountain's eastern face.


Lunaris is governed by a council called the Court of Priests. For centuries, this court consisted of a high priest of Siktaman (acting as the minister of justice), a high priest of Sorgamuul (acting as the minister of defence), a high priest of Leahmin (acting as the minister of social services), a high priest of Haydet (acting as minister of information), and a high priest of Trittorah as governor.

In the year 1592 AC, an additional role was added to the court, a high priest of Xinth (acting as minister of secrets).

As of the year 1600 AC, these roles were held by the following citizens:

  • Governor - Cassith, an elderly orc woman and high priest of Trittorah
  • Justice - Sarrith Jonton, a human woman and high priest of Siktaman
  • Defence - Chanor Yount, a gnome male and high priest of Sorgamuul
  • Social Services - Foreen Smythe, a human woman and high priest of Leahmin
  • Information - Trem Freestone, a dwarf male and high priest of Haydet
  • Secrets - Drannia Craine, an elf woman and high priest of Xinth

Noteworthy Characters from Lunaris[]

  • Drannia Craine (high priest of Xinth and head of the local thieve's guild)
  • Jantil Quartain (a tiefling male and high-ranking member of the thieve's guild)
  • Brikka (a human female and ex-member of the city's military, the Snow Guard)
  • Cliff Parshworth (a human male and head of the local merchant's guild)