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Meygas is a large continent south of the main continent, that is entirely covered in ice and snow. Most people in Isen believe Meygas to be completely uninhabited, and only the kingdom of Ballentia ever sends anybody there to explore it.

There is a small shore (a mile or so wide) on the northern tip, where various Ballentian ships have gradually built a makeshift port, complete with a single pier, and three small shacks for sailors to store emergency supplies off-ship.

This is the only known accessible part of the continent, with the rest being jagged, icy cliffs reaching higher and higher into the sky as one travels further south.

The northern shore leads to a large, empty expanse ten miles or so long called The White Wastes, at the end of which is The Frozen Canyons, a towering maze of canyons, riddled with natural hazards and dangerous beasts.

Nobody has ever seen what is at the top of the canyons, but it has been theorised that there must be some sort of cold-hardy forestation, as there are occasionally fallen tree trunks and other vegetation found on the canyon floor.

According to popular children's stories in Isen, dragons and other enormous monsters (known in stories as "The Gargantuans") were banished by a pair of powerful sorcerers many thousands of years ago, and were imprisoned in a deep valley in Meygas' deep south.

In 1600 AC, a group of adventurers were sent to Meygas, to find a wielder before the next Surge arrives. On their journey, they fell through a section of weak ice in the Frozen Canyons, and found a system of tunnels. The tunnels led them to an enormous hidden city, deep beneath the continent. The city was inhabited by a large bustling population of dwarves.

Noteworthy Landmarks[]

  • The White Wastes - a large, empty frozen expanse at the top of the continent.
  • The Frozen Canyons - a weaving, maze-like path in between tall cliffs of ice.
  • Valley of the Gargantuans (mythical) - a fictional valley where ancient giant beasts are imprisoned.