The Northern Isles is a collection of islands and archipelagos the the north of Isen's main continent

General Information Edit

The Northern Isles are governed by a democratic council, comprised of elected officials from each of its five largest islands (Marrasyn, Olliss, Yimm, Loperia, and Turayse). The council is headed by Prime Councillor, Lady Barradon.

The climate in the Northern Isles is tropical, and as a result many of its citizens have a reputation for being laid back and carefree.

The Northern Isles does not have any cities that could be considered large by mainland standards. Instead of sprawling cities with towers and large structures, most populated areas better resemble villages and small towns. A lot of these towns have floating districts, consisting of multiple small buildings on the water, connected by buoyant platforms.

Lady Barradon and the Northern Council have a peaceful trading relationship with Ballentia, to the far south, and once had the same with Arkvale. Now, however, the Council knows it is only a matter of time before the conquest-hungry Empress Tajna attempts an invasion.

Having easily the most powerful naval force on Isen, the Northern Council does not particularly fear an assault by the Empress and her armies, but nor do they desire an undoubtedly long and arduous war to disrupt their people's peaceful way of life.

Marrasyn (the Northern Isles' Capital) Edit

The largest of these islands is known as Marrasyn, and is the central hub of local government and commerce.

As well as being the seat of local government, the island of Marrasyn is home to the bustling Jareth Bay. This is a sheltered natural bay, that is wide, deep, and calm enough to host even the largest naval and merchant vessels. The warm and predator-free waters also make this is popular destination for leisure-pursuing travelers.

A few hours south of Jareth Bay lies the jungle-surrounded village of Poralese.

Other Parts of the Kingdom Edit

The second and third largest islands (Olliss and Yimm respectively) are connected via an immense iron bridge that somehow survived the Raw Magic cataclysm of 0 AC. This bridge is known as The Great Sea Bridge, and is considered one of the great humanoid-made wonders of the world.

Noteworthy Characters from the Northern Isles Edit

Lady Barradon - The Prime Councillor of the Northern Council

Bethanelle Tinkane - a young woman who was orphaned when her family moved to Arkvale city

Larumas Drows - a human fighter from the town of Poralese

Yarrick Tortua - a human hunter from the town of Poralese

Stollem - proprietor of the popular bar, Stollem's Oasis

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