Pinebridge is one of the few remaining kingdoms on the main continent of Isen.

History Edit

Pinebridge began in 680 AC when a merchant named Willem Mept set up a small trading settlement in the middle of a dense forest separating Ballentia and Dorekis. Travelers between the two kingdoms would need to stop to rest and restock their rations, whilst on the long slow journey through the trees.

Due to their remoteness, and the desperation of the travelers coming through, the merchants there were able to charge high prices for their wares. Over time, more and more trees were cleared to make room for more and more merchants to build stores. By the year 754 AC, the settlement had grown into a city, and the city was named Mept, after its founder.

For months, there were disputes between Ballentia and Dorekis about which kingdom this new city belonged to. These disputes brought forth the Mept War of 755 AC, which turned out to be a minor event with very few casualties, and only lasted one month.

The Mept War ended when both Ballentia and Dorekis agreed to let Mept be the beginning of its own kingdom. Thus, Pinebridge was born.

Mept (Pinebridge's Capital) Edit

Mept is the largest city in Pinebridge, and is home to Pinekeep, the seat of the Pinebridge royal family.

The architecture of Mept is largely inspired by the surrounding forest. Much of the buildings are a combination of mostly wood with some stone, such as Pinekeep. There are very few fully-stone structures. As such, Mept is quite low to the ground, compared to taller cities such as Arkvale City and Garrenton.

Beneath Mept is an enormous sprawling system of caves and tunnels, known as the Mept Caverns. The Mept Caverns are said to have once been a rich source of iron ore, but that is certainly not the case in the modern era. The area is mostly used now as a training ground for soldiers, due to the hazardous terrain and dangerous creatures in its depths.

Other Parts of the Kingdom Edit

Noteworthy Characters from Pinebridge Edit

Caidron Fausst

Gurin Rance - the wizard who trained Caidron Fausst

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