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Yarmon Barlic is the prince of Ballentia, and lives in Garrenton Keep with his parents, King Cuthred and Queen Mayshill Barlic.

Yarmon is in his early 20's and is loved by the people of his kingdom. He spends a lot of time aiding charitable organisations, patronising inns and stores, and getting to know the common folk. He is a very handsome and charismatic young man, able to win over almost anybody he meets, making fast friends wherever he goes.

In the year 1600 AC, Prince Yarmon was abducted from a carriage while returning from a diplomatic mission to the nearby kingdom of Pinebridge.

In the days following the abduction, the royal family (and the entire kingdom) were on high alert. To avoid any further royal harm, King Cuthred ordered the city guard to all but abandon the streets and to tighten defenses at Garrenton Keep.

During this time, the people felt unprotected from crime and very unsafe.

After roughly a week of Yarmon's absence, a trio of bandits emerged from The Wolfwood, and caused a scene in one of Garrenton's town squares. A group strangers defended the people from harm, fighting two of the bandits, while the third fled. After finding clues to suggest these men were responsible for the Prince's abduction, the strangers bravely chose to pursue the fleeing bandit into the highly dangerous Wolfwood. Two days later, the rescuers returned Yarmon safely back to Garrenton Keep, where they were rewarded handsomely by King Cuthred.