Skirrik was one of the kingdoms in the middle of Isen's main continent. It was conquered by Arkvale in 1572 AC.

The Skirrinese people are known for their fishing expertise, their love of seafood, and spicy dishes.

It is also the leading supplier of blood weed, a popular recreational drug used throughout Isen.

Lakeside (Skirrik's Capital) Edit

Lakeside is a large, sprawling city on the western coast of the Omega Lake.

It has a bustling port and fishing industry.

The Omega Lake Edit

The Omega Lake is the largest inland body of water in all of Isen. It borders the kingdoms of Skirrik, Farryane, and Brus, with most of its shoreline in Skirrik.

The lake provides much of the food for all three bordering kingdoms, and allows for goods to be shipped effectively between them.

There are frequent sightings of large creatures coming up from the depths of the lake, but there have been no fatal or even harmful incidents on record.

The Omega Lake has even spawned a religion of its own, with many worshipping a "Lakefather", an unseen being who is allegedly responsible for all the prosperity the lake brings. Some thing the Lakefather is a representation of Leahmin, the god of community.

Wistal Edit

Wistal is a medium sized town known to be fairly quiet and settled. A good family place.

Nearby is an extensive system of caves called the Wistal Caverns.

The outskirts of the town is the location of the perpetually spooky old home Schwartzkonig Manor, where the Lady Elanor Schwartzkonig and her beautiful young daughter Ellayuuka perished in strange circumstances.

Noteworthy Characters from Skirrik Edit

  • Eric D.S., a halfling adventurer, responsible for the safe return of the Heart of Elements, in 1592 AC
  • Lady Elanor Schwartzkonig, a noble woman who was betrayed by a priest of Yrrzac
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