Taarin is a mysterious traveler, who has tasked herself with finding wielders before the next Surge comes. She carries with her a small glass orb that glows red when pointed in the direction of a wielder, and blue for a pocket of raw magic, the glow intensifying at closer distance.

She wears a dark green traveler's cloak that conceals most of her discernible features. However, when Taarin lowers her hood, she appears to be a human woman in her mid-late 40's, with long, black hair.

She has lived for a very, very long time, and is incredibly resourceful, agile, and strong. She is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand fighter, and prefers to use non-lethal force at any opportunity.

Distant Past Edit

In 11,232 AC, Taarin follows her compass orb to the city of Parke, which is under attack from a dragon and its servants. She navigates her way through the ravaged streets, until she hones in on the position of a wielder inside a damaged home.

She enters and finds an Elven child trapped beneath some heavy debris. A party of adventurers who had been following her, enters the home a few minutes after her, and she enlists their help. Together, they all shift the debris enough for the child to struggle free.

The adventurers continue deeper into the city, to challenge the dragon, and Taarin leads the child out of the city and to safety.

Modern Activity Edit

In 1,600 AC, while heading towards the frozen southern continent, Meygas, Taarin encounters two young wielders in the city of Garrenton. She watches them for a brief time, before they suddenly disappear. Her compass orb suggests that one of them is now to the northwest, possibly in The Wild, and the other is far to the northeast, likely in the heart of the Arkvale Empire.

Having seen the two young wielders with her own eyes, she decides she must find at least one of them, instead of continuing her journey south. However, she cannot afford to forget why she was going south in the first place, so she meets with King Barlic. Barlic's son, Prince Yarmon, helps her recruit a party of adventurers to go south in her stead.

Desperate to find at least one of the young wielders before the coming Surge, Taarin leaves Garrenton and ventures towards The Wild.

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