Terranis is one of the remaining kingdoms on the main continent of Isen.

Kors (Terranis' Capital) Edit

Kors is a large city in the north of Ballentia, and backs onto the Western Slopes, with terraced levels going up the side of the mountain, and a large sprawling mass of buildings at the base.

Other Parts of the Kingdom Edit

Dapton is a large town in the far north of the kingdom, near the Lifeblood Crossing. It is a major merchant hub, due to its proximity to the Crossing, and being a central point through which many travel to both Airedale and Brus.

The Wolfwood - the enormous, dense forest to the south - acts as a border between Terranis and Ballentia. Travel through the Wolfwood is slow and dangerous. There are a few well-known roads but they are often plagued by bandits who hide in the wood.

Noteworthy Characters from Terranis Edit

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