The Twelve is the collective name for twelve wielders who received the latest Surge, in 800 AC.

The Twelve were made up of four humans, one Dwarf, three Elves, two Gnomes, a Halfling, and an Orc, who were gathered from all corners of Isen.

Despite their disparate backgrounds, and despite some being influenced by Anfer, and some by Gilif, all twelve wielders set aside their differences and agreed on a single idea; Raw Magic is too powerful for the people of Isen. They made a pact to remove the power from the world, and not let its influence be felt by anyone.

When the Surge arrived, and its immense power was divided equally among the twelve wielders, they each disappeared from the site immediately, to the confusion and frustration of both Anfer and Gilif.

After The Surge Edit

The fate of most of the Twelve is unknown, and it is presumed they hid away for centuries and lived in isolation until their magic reserves dwindled away. However, some publicly went against the pact, affecting large groups of people.

Berg Stoneheart, the Dwarf, emerged a few months after the pact was made, and gathered up every Dwarf he could find. He traveled Isen for years, building a moving kingdom of thousands that followed him wherever he went. Then suddenly, in the year 815 AC, he and his followers vanished.

A few years later, in 817 AC, an entire small village called Farra, in the kingdom of Dorekis, vanished, and became nothing but an empty patch of land. This was the former home of Gwyneth Lochry, one of the human members of the Twelve. Historians hypothesise that she had repeated the actions of Berg Hearthstone.

It is rumoured that the three Elven members, Alexandra, Chiote, and Taimannis did something similiar with Elven citizens of Isen, but there are no eye witnesses to such an event.

Members of The Twelve Edit

  • Berg Stoneheart - Dwarf
  • Gwyneth Lochry - Human
  • Jak Grayson - Human
  • Merrick Yeart - Human
  • Laurel Koran - Human
  • Alexandra - Elf
  • Chiote - Elf
  • Taimannis - Elf
  • Dalis Petro - Halfling
  • Jeng Carissa - Gnome
  • Jeng Rojer - Gnome
  • The Stone Beneath - Orc
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