Trestlespoon Dur is a gnome rogue. He grew up in New Tribble, a small gnome district in Harmonia, the capital city of Farryane.

He had many sisters and a younger brother named Squathlesquad.

When he was 17 years old (the year 1417 AC) his human friend, Yiff, made him a bet that he couldn't capture a giant frog. Trestlespoon accepted the bet and ventured off into the forest in search of his prey.

He was gone for half a day, and when he returned with giant frog in hand, his entire community was gone. There was not a single Gnome left in New Tribble, including his mother, father, and Squathlesquad. Gnome homes had all either ransacked or torched, and the human citizens of the nearby districts, including Yiff, could give no useful information about what had happened.

Trestlespoon spent the next 182 years drifting from across Isen's main continent, searching for signs of his missing kin, staying as invisible as he could, and never staying in any town long enough to form any meaningful connections.

Then, in 1599 AC, he arrived in the town of Farhaven, in the deep southwest of Airedale. The town's only inn, the Mountaineer's Respite, is owned by two gnomes, and he decided there was as good a place as any to rest up for a while before choosing his next step.

In his downtime (of which he has plenty) Trestlespoon loves to read, particularly the works of Janet Austrin, author of the award-winning books Pride & Prestidigitation, and The Warlocks.

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